Your Righting All Wrong

As I continue to write more short stories, I have a cousin who is editing them. She has been a professional editor for decades. I know …


I am, but not just because she is editing for free. She’s always been like a big sister to me.

aw Aw, right?

I guess that’s why I got her a pair of Fancy Bitch socks for Christmas.

fancy bitch

She’s got a bit of an edge to her, so she loves them. In turn, she just sent me a book. I think the gift is a not-so-subtle tip to use better grammar when writing. If you are serious about becoming a better writer, GET. THIS. BOOK. Oh, sorry, my caps lock and period keys sometimes get stuck due to peanut butter in the keyboard. Here’s the book …

Woe is I

At this point, I should have an affiliate link to Amazon posted here so you can buy this book and I can make $0.17 per sale. I don’t know how to do that, but my recent money-making offer still is valid.

This book should be the textbook used in high school for a class on English grammar. It is plainly written and easy to understand. Included are many mnemonic tips to help you remember the grammar rules. In addition, it is written with a sense a humor, so it is quite the fun read. I am not too far along in it yet, but I have already benefited as I apply the rules to my writing for your reading pleasure. Your welcome! Okay, so I’m not that far along yet.

I have seen the light and am now a believer in the Grammar Gospel. Hallelujah. Praise the pronoun and pass me a participle. But what about all my past grammatical transgressions? I plan to just wash them all away.

Grammar Soap