Mispronunciation Nation

I had a plan. Americans love mispronouncing words. In an effort to make Americans seem smarter (Editor’s Note: You aren’t), I was planning to champion the cause to make the word “supposably” an acceptable alternative pronunciation for supposedly in common parlance. Americans mispronounce it that way all the time. As a significant social media influencer through this blog (Editor’s Note: He’s not), I planned to use “supposably” whenever possible. Supposably, this should have worked. See how easy that was?

Except, supposably is an actual word. Take a look …

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Your Righting All Wrong

As I continue to write more short stories, I have a cousin who is editing them. She has been a professional editor for decades. I know …


I am, but not just because she is editing for free. She’s always been like a big sister to me.

aw Aw, right?

I guess that’s why I got her a pair of Fancy Bitch socks for Christmas.

fancy bitch

She’s got a bit of an edge to her, so she loves them. In turn, she just sent me a book. I think the gift is a not-so-subtle tip to use better grammar when writing. If you are serious about becoming a better writer, GET. THIS. BOOK. Oh, sorry, my caps lock and period keys sometimes get stuck due to peanut butter in the keyboard. Here’s the book …

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Thanks Trump, for Wasting our Time

I have invented a time-saving grammar innovation to help revolutionize the world. However, due to Donald Trump, I can’t implement it across the USA. I will explain.

We’re always wasting time. A good example is this blog. I wasted time writing this post, and now I’m wasting your time as you read it. You’re welcome! Sure, an easy solution would be for me to stop blogging. How many of you have asked the question, “Why does he keep writing that drivel?”

hands up

Hey, that was rhetorical. Hands down please.

I wondered if there wasn’t another way to save time so I could still waste time with this blog. I set to work on a solution.

deep thought

But I couldn’t come up with anything because the room was full of floating mathematical equations. Geez, those are annoying.

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