Trump’s Marley Moment

I think Donald Trump may be due for a “Marley moment” this Christmas Eve, and I’m talking about Jacob Marley, not Bob Marley, although a Bob Marley moment might do Trump some good, too.


I saw this pic and can definitely see the Jacob Marley moment coming.

Signing 1

Don’t notice anything unusual other than a reality show host and huckster of crappy products from bankrupt companies sitting in the Oval Office? Take a closer look …

Signing 4

Okay, sure he’s signing a blank page, but we should all be used to Trump not actually doing anything. Take a closer look up higher, above the polyester “hair.”

signing 2

Do you see what I see? Isn’t that part of a Christmas Carol?  Look closer.

signing 3

That appears to be Jacob Marley’s ghost in the green circle and the Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come in the red circle. We can only hope my generous imagination is accurate and Trump is visited by some ghosts on Christmas Eve. Maybe then Trump will learn that mankind is his business, and not profiting at the expense of mankind.