I am not a title stutterer. That WWOWW stands for the Wonderful Women Of Wildrose & Wildwood, a couple of the neighborhoods in the 8th Precinct of St Charles Township. Those women hijacked my 8th Precinct last weekend. I was a willing hijackee, or would that be a hijackass in my case?

As the elected Democratic Precinct Committeeperson in the 8th Precinct of St Charles Township, my sole job is to get Democrats in the precinct to vote. It means a lot of walking, knocking on doors, talking to people, begging people, bribing people, threatening people, distributing candidate & voting literature, and trying not to get bit by dogs or Republicans or snakes, as if you could tell the difference between the last two mentioned.

A couple members of the group I call the WWOWW offered to help me make the rounds of canvassing my precinct. I gladly accepted. I had no idea that 9 of the WWOWW would show up to help me last weekend. They are truly incredible people.  Some examples:

  • I had never even met 2 of the women before. They just like to canvass for the Democratic cause.
  • 2 of the women are not even from the 8th Precinct.
  • 1 of the women has her own precinct to canvass.
  • 1 of the women canvassed our 8th Precinct on crutches. Being a benevolent PC, I suggested she canvass a flatter street that is still almost a mile long with houses set way back on large lots.
  • 1 of the women seemed upset that I didn’t have more than about an hours worth of canvassing for her on Saturday.
  • 1 of the women who stuffed envelopes and has family ties to a Republican candidate has decided to host a ‘meet & greet’ for the Democratic candidate anyway.

I could go on and on. These women are everywhere at Democratic & Resistance functions & meetings, and then out every weekend canvassing. Can it be that I alone am just fortunate to have such a group of unique, amazing women in my precinct? Well, I am fortunate to know these women, but I don’t believe that this precinct is an anomaly. I believe that this is happening all over the USA.

I do believe there will be the predicted Blue Wave on November 6th. In fact, I think it will be more of a tsunami than just a wave, but Blue Tsunami sounds more like a sushi dish than a political phenomenon. I have a hunch that this expected Blue Wave may be more pink than blue. Regardless of color, all I can say is, “WWOWW. I can’t wait.”