No Smell Hotel

I’m on the road again for business this week, but decided to stop and see my middle daughter at college along the way. It was a good place to stay for the night as it is about halfway to my business destination, and I found a hotel in town that would cost me all of $45, including tax. More importantly, this hotel did not have a number as part of its name. But how could it be a numberless hotel and be so cheap? I pulled into the parking lot with a bit of trepidation, but it was only one night. I was ready for the worst.

I entered the lobby and sniffed. No smell like I would expect from a $45 hotel. It looked neat and clean. I asked the desk clerk why it was so cheap, er economically-priced I quickly corrected before he could assign me to the murder room with a chalk outline on the floor. He had no idea. “Corporate,” he explained without actually explaining anything.

I continued to sniff like Donald Trump at a press conference as I headed down the hallway to my room. Nothing. I opened the room. Sniff, sniff. Nothing. It was a nice, clean, odor-free room. I was tired and fell asleep faster than if I had been at an actuarial seminar.

I had a good night’s sleep and woke up feeling good. I opened the drapes to see how the morning looked. It looked something like this …

Hotel Window

Ah, there’s the $45 view and a reminder that all in all, I’m just another brick in the wall.

The one area besides the view where I found this hotel lacking was the food. First, the vending is okay if you are really into ice.

Hotel Vending

The free breakfast also left a bit to be desired. Sure, it was technically a hot breakfast because it did have biscuits and the grey gravy with unidentified black speckles in it. Bleagh! I have 3 requirements for a free breakfast to get a passing grade:

  1. Yogurt of some kind, but not peach. I have nothing against peach yogurt, but there are so many better flavors. Extra points awarded for Chobani Greek Yogurt.
  2. Eggs, either scrambled, hard-boiled, or one of those pre-fab cheese omelets.
  3. Bananas, and not old, bruised, speckled ones. I am not an animal.

None of those must-have foods were offered, but I somehow cobbled together enough snacks for the day from the assortment of foods the hotel did offer.

Hotel Snacks

Off I went for another mediocre day in my business career, with my final destination for the day to be my next hotel, this time one with a number as part of its name. I sure hope it is Super and at least an 8 as its name implies.