Top 10 Beach Volleyball Rules

With summer in full swing now, beach volleyball may be a great activity to try. It is fun, good exercise and makes you look cool. Or not …

Trump Volleyball.gif

So you don’t look like Donald Trump on the beach, here are the Top 10 Beach Volleyball Rules …

#10) No mullets.

#9) No open palm hits. Those are called carries.

#8) If you are terrible at beach volleyball, don’t be a dick and celebrate returning the ball over the net with an illegal open palm carry.

#7) No undershirts, unless you have man boobs that you are desperately trying to hide.

#6) No shoes. It’s a beach for crying out loud.

#5) No jeans allowed.

#4) If you happen to wear jeans, do not wear high-waisted jeans.

#3) If you happen to wear high-waisted jeans, do not tuck your shirt in.

#2) If you happen to wear high-waisted jeans with your shirt and undershirt tucked in, do not be fat.

#1) If you have violated any of the #2 through #9 rules, do not run for President.