Gym for Jim

I could be heading back to Middle School this week, of course except for the ones the judge has ordered me to stay 500 feet away from. You can come with, too. Meet me in Elkhart, Indiana on Thursday night! Elkhart is just a 2 hour drive east of Chicago by car, but at least 50 years behind Chicago in thought.

Trump Pence Event

They are really playing the big venues now that they are hitting the middle school circuit. I was a little surprised when I researched and found the gym’s capacity was bigger than I expected …

Trump Pence Gym

I am sure the crowds will be YUUUUUGE, and they just might be. Indiana is one of the most regressive states in the union. Move it 500 miles further south and it makes more sense as part of the USA.

I know they will NOT sell out, at least in terms of attendance. Every other way? Already have. How am I certain that they will NOT sell out tickets? Because I snagged two tickets!

Trump Ticket

That means that the most they will have is 7,371 attending. Petty? Yes. I am willing to do whatever it takes to annoy Trump & Pence. You can, too. Here’s the link to buy tickets …

A benefit of grabbing two tix is that you will register your email to receive emails from those idiots, and many are unintentionally hilarious. And anyone who comments on this post that they ordered tickets will receive a personalized, custom blog post from me.

If you do get tickets and choose to attend, make sure to pack some heat!

Trump Pence Exclusions

No selfie sticks, but how about an AR-15? But is Indiana a state that allows open carry of firearms? Is the Pope Catholic? Is Trump an idiot? That’s a BIG YES! So if you are itching to grab some tickets and some killing machines and enter the Twilight Zone known as the State of Indiana to see the Trump-Pence Freak Show on tour, then you are not reading this. If you are reading this, click that link to grab a couple tickets, burn or shred them, be my hero, and comment here to get your own personalized blog post.