Can They Hear Me Now?

Every once in a while, we lose internet service. While waiting for internet to be restored, I do check available wireless networks to make sure the connection problem isn’t due to another reason. I normally see my wireless printer and our neighbor’s networks. And then I have started seeing this wireless network available lately …


For those readers outside of the USA, the DEA is the Drug Enforcement Administration, part of the Department of Justice. Under Donald Trump, it is surprising to me that the DEA is not run by El Chapo.


The DEA is not to be messed with. They have guns and know how to deal with bad guys.


That did not stop me from unsuccessfully trying to connect to the DEA van’s wireless network though. Hey, if you are a law enforcement agency and you hang your wireless out there for all to see, then you deserve to have your bandwidth swiped.

I am not sure why a DEA surveillance van is hanging around the area by my home. I am trying to decide if I need to tell my youngest son to hide in the crawlspace for a while, or try and flush him and any recreational substances of his down the toilet. When you don’t share with Dad, there may be consequences.