Flies On Washington Walls #79 (with bonus pictures!)

FOWW #79 Porn Star

Normally, that’s the end of a FOWW cartoon. However, we have special bonus pics for you today. Will they be about Russia collusion (Zzzzzzzzzz) or the porn star (please, please, please)? You can guess or click Continue Reading to find out.

Ding, ding, ding! If you guessed “porn star,” you are correct! And speaking of that porn star, despite her refusal to discuss her affair with Donald Trump, she seems quite comfortable with the narrative that she had an affair with Trump, and seems intent on her mission to Make America Horny Again! Go get ’em Stormy!




These should be satirical pics. These should be part of a story in The Onion, although that could be said for the whole Trump Administration story. Sadly, they are real. Can someone please Make America Normal Again?