Keep It In Your Junk Drawers

More and more women are coming forward with allegations of sexual harassment against celebrities, politicians and others. Bravo. I’ve been appalled hearing accounts from the female accusers of brazen sexual impropriety and outright assaults in some cases. A common theme in their stories is lots of pants-dropping by men. Here’s what I want to know …

Why do men think that they are attractive without pants? Sorry, but the naked male body is simply not attractive. The female form? Beautiful. The male body? Ew. Lots of hair and dangling things. How do supposedly smart men (that excludes Trump) not understand that? And what the hell are those old fat guys thinking when they expose themselves? I avoid locker rooms simply so I don’t have to see old naked fat guys.

I love this new commercial from Dana Nessel, candidate for Attorney General in Michigan …

Dana Penis

I never thought I would see “Will not show penis is a professional setting” as a campaign promise, but I can definitely say that anyone unwilling to make that promise will not get my vote.

She goes on further with additional campaign promises including one involving her bathrobe …

Dana Bathrobe

Good. I have thought for years that Casual Fridays have gone too far. Closed bathrobes please!

I am for getting all of this out in the open, except for guy’s junk. Guys, get real. You don’t look good naked. Pull up your drawers and keep your junk in them.

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