If you believe with all your heart that it is real, it will still be a fake.

Donald Trump’s fake Renoir painting is back in the news thanks to his former biographer Tim O’Brien spilling the beans in Vanity Fair’s “Inside The Hive” podcast. “Two Sisters” by Renoir is indeed a beautiful painting …


I have proof that Trump’s is a fake …

I have seen the original at the Art Institute of Chicago. How do I know theirs and not Trump’s is the original? Trump lies to us daily. The Art Institute has never lied to us.

But Trump still likes to roll out the Renoir for every interview inside the Trump apartment.

renoir text

Sorry about that red arrow through the skull Tiffany. Here we are again in another 60 Minutes interview.


Even Melania has gotten into the Renoir act.


I could have gone elsewhere with the center fake tag on this pic, but chose the high road (for once).

I also think that Trump is a fake millionaire. He claims to be incredibly wealthy, but he still lives in a NY City apartment. He’s lived there for years, so it is probably rent controlled. He can’t buy a nice bungalow right on the beach in Queens for his family?





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