The New Normal Is Not

Wake up! Do not be lulled into accepting as normal what is going on in Washington, DC. We have gone from an Obama nation to an abomination. Reject what we are being fed as the new normal. It is not.  Here is just some of what is being forced upon us as normal that is not.

1) Leaking from the White House at this rate is not normal, and then whining about it so much is not. Hey, the GOP controls the House, Senate, White House & Justice Department. You want to prosecute leakers? Stop whining about it and do it. Stop threatening to do it and do it. But you can’t prosecute without prosecuting your own. This is not normal.

2.a) Publicly berating and embarrassing members of the administration is not normal.

2.b) Making a heartless, soulless ghoul like Jeff Sessions into a sympathetic figure through public berating and embarrassment is not normal. Only Donald Trump could accomplish that.

3) Having people like Sebastian Gorka and Steve Bannon, who have been linked to neo-Nazi groups, strolling through the White House as advisers is not normal.

4) Making an inappropriate speech to 40,000 Boy Scouts at their annual Jamboree is not normal.

5) That hair! I no longer laugh when I see it. It is not normal. It is an absurd follicular disaster. Let’s open our eyes and laugh again when we see it.

6) Misspelling in the age of spell-check is not normal.

7) Lying, and then revising the lies as facts come to light, is not normal, except for pathological liars.

8) Changing important US policy on the fly, sometimes with just a tweet, is not normal.

9) Letting your real estate developer son-in-law who has no experience in foreign policy set foreign policy is not normal.

10) Anthony Scaramucci, Kellyanne Conway, Sarah Huckleberry Sanders, etc, etc, etc are not normal.

The list goes on and on. Trying to take healthcare away from millions … voter suppression … Russian collusion … marginalizing the LGBTQ community … on and on and on.

Reject the new normal.



It is working.



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