My Review Of Concerts I Did Not See

My concert weekend was a big mixed bag of good and bad, and I didn’t even go to one.

First, I had an excellent opportunity to grab free tix to see Cheap Trick in Chicago in August, courtesy of XM Satellite Radio. All I had to do on Friday was, exactly at 11AM, hit a link, fill in an application, and wait to receive one of the numerous pairs of tickets that were being given away. That’s easy. Rather than set an alert in my phone, I planned to just remember it. Phone alert > memory. I forgot. By the time I remembered like 5 hours later, the free tickets were gone. But what I initially thought was bad news turned out to be good news. Here’s the concert listing …

Cheap Trick

Sorry, but Cheap Trick should NOT be opening for Foreigner. I do not want to see that. That does not happen in my universe. Cheap Trick > Foreigner. I will happily miss this abomination of a concert bill.

Saturday was the day of our local neighborhood picnic which seems to fall on the date every year of local festival concerts that I wouldn’t mind seeing. However, family > my concert wishes, so I do not see them. Here’s one show I missed last night …

Gin Blossoms

Not the end of the world for me, but I may have enjoyed it. I am quite curious about the “five different formats” that they allegedly sing. And who doesn’t love those albums “Speed” and “Wayne’s World 2?” Who wrote that preview? Was it written in Croatian and run through Google Translate to twist it into some garbled form of English?

Here’s the the show I really wanted to see …


I saw the Romantics last summer, well, sometimes saw them. Full review link HERE.

I wanted to see the B-52’s last time they played in the actual town I live in, but HS track meet > my concert wishes, so I missed them. It’s the law.

The lead singer for A Flock Of Seagulls used to look like this …

flock old

I wanted to see A Flock Of Seagulls if only to see him perform while now looking like this …


Yep, that’s him, same guy. Youth > old age.

You may recall A Flock Of Seagulls for their huge hit “I Ran.” However, I was really looking forward to hearing them perform “Wishing,” a haunting, beautiful love song. Enjoy …

They made some nice music in their time in the musical spotlight that I did not hear last night performed live.

Back to some good news, I also missed this concert …

Freedom concert

Ironically, opening act Dr. Robert Jeffress said this during President Obama’s term in office, “While I am not suggesting that President Obama is the Antichrist, the fact that he was able to propose such a sweeping change in God’s law and still win reelection by a comfortable margin illustrates how a future world leader will be able to oppose God’s laws without any repercussions.” I couldn’t agree with him more! Just take a look at the headliner (and also head-case) of the show. It is happening now. Finally, one of these evangelical nutcases gets one of their prophecies correct. And I predict (actually just hope), that I have better summer concert reviews of ones that I actually attend still ahead of me this summer. Wishing.





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