Where’s Donald?

I was pleased to see that the fate of the Free World is in the good hands of Angela Merkel of Germany and Emmanuel Macron of France, seen here walking & talking together as they walked through the streets of Sicily at the G7 Summit.

Macron Merkel

But where’s Donald Trump?

Why didn’t he shove his way to the front like usual?

trump shove.gif

Oh right, because Macron had already bested him in Trump’s own handshake game.

Macron handshake

And the fact that he couldn’t walk the 700 or so yards to the photo op. The man who questioned Hillary Clinton’s health, stamina and endurance scooted along behind the group in an electric cart.

Trump golf cart

That Rascal!  I can only think of one expression that Donald Trump himself uses quite frequently to describe the sight of Trump riding along in an electric golf cart while the other G7 world leaders took a short stroll together as a sign of world unity.