I spotted this article with link below from Newsweek about wild boars killing ISIS fighters.

Back in September, Trump hinted that he would have a great plan to defeat ISIS …

“When I do come up with a plan that I like and that perhaps agrees with mine, or maybe doesn’t, I may love what the generals come back with. I have a plan, but I don’t want to ― look, I have a very substantial chance of winning, make America great again. We’re going to make America great again. I have a substantial chance of winning. If I win, I don’t want to broadcast to the enemy exactly what my plan is. Let me tell you, if I like maybe a combination of my plan or the generals’ plan, if I like their plan, I’m not going to call you up and say, we have a great plan.”

Thanks to Trump once again for a wonderful word salad. If you can make any sense at all of that, it sounds kinda’ top secret, doesn’t it? Maybe even a bit “boaring” perhaps? Oh yeah, Trump has a plan to defeat ISIS. Some may call it a bit “boaring,” but it sounds plenty wild to me.

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