I don’t know if Mike Pence broke any actual laws by using an unsecured AOL email address as governor of Indiana. Actually, I’m pretty impressed. I mean, in a state like Indiana where chances are you will marry a cousin, AOL is pretty cutting edge technology.

Well, it looks like he has learned his lesson, and from now on, the emails he receives at whitestmaninamerica@aol.com will be much more secure in the future.

He just replaced his old unsecured modem …


with a sleek and stylish brand new phone and modem that must be more secure because it looks so freakin’ high tech …


What will they come up with next, cordless phones? Yeah, right. Crazy times.

But that’s not enough security for old Mike. For added security, he has committed to wearing tinfoil on his head while checking emails …


We all hope that keeps as many ideas inside that noggin of his as possible.