Rick Perry Has Risen From The Grave

Or wherever he has been. God help us all, Rick Perry may be returning to public service, this time as Trump’s questionable choice as Secretary of the Department of Energy. Hey, isn’t that one of the government agencies that Rick Perry said he would eliminate during his Presidential run in 2012? Let’s check …

Oops indeed, Rick. But he eventually remembered that he also wanted to eliminate the Department of Energy. Good for you Rick, you remembered a key campaign promise.

Now let’s just assume that common sense is thrown to the wind (frequent occurrence these days), and that he is confirmed as Secretary of Energy. If he does make good on his 2012 campaign promise and actually eliminates the Department of Energy, does that mean he, as Secretary of Energy, will also be eliminated? It would almost make this Cabinet appointment worthwhile, and it would eliminate any possible chance of a Perry/Palin ticket in the future, also known as Dumb & Dumber 3.

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