How to Drive Right Wingers Crazy(er)

There are those that will argue that right wingers are already crazy, but can they back it up? What proof is there? Oh yeah … Sarah Palin, Alex Jones, Michele Bachmann, Donald Trump, and sadly the list goes on and on. But here’s a way to drive the right wing crazies even crazier (if such a thing is possible).

Recently, armored vehicles marked with “UN” were spotted being transported via truck.


Well certainly that does look suspicious. When have vehicles ever been transported via truck within the USA? Oh right, tens of thousands of times a day.

Regardless, this has apparently set off all sorts of speculation from the right wingers about a coming UN occupation in the USA with President Obama confiscating all guns. It always comes back to their precious guns, doesn’t it?

So my plan to increase the craziness on the right (again, if such a thing is even possible) is to up the ante. If armored vehicles have caused this much furor, how about we get some tanks marked “UN Occupying Force” rolling through the country on flatbeds?   

UN tank

And then the “pièce de résistance” would be some trucks driving through cities marked “Government Gun Confiscation Unit.”

truck for guns

On second thought, maybe so all the righties comprehend the concept better, we best mark it as “Gubment Gun Takin’ Truck.” Let the crazy speculation begin continue.

2 thoughts on “How to Drive Right Wingers Crazy(er)

  1. Lol cute. But seriously gun owners and “right wingers” might be a little crazy but panzy ass liberals are batshit crazy!! You guys throw a little fit when you don’t get what you want and then you throw a riot! Grow up.


    1. Thanks for reading and commenting. I do take exception to the batshit crazy remark. I certainly admit to be a whining, sniveling sore loser, but not so to the crazy allegation. We deal in reality and facts. We lose, and we complain about the facts and try to change things through protests, demonstrations, and if all else fails, ringing doorbells and running. The right wingers lose, and they make-up “facts” to react to. Now that’s batshit crazy. I speak from personal, close experience … my extended family.
      Example 1: I have a relative who actually prepared a bugout shelter after Obama was elected, fully stocked with supplies and guns, ready for the insurrection.
      Example 2: I have a relative that is convinced that Obama will not leave office.
      Example 3: I have a relative that was convinced that Obama would take his guns, and despite that not happening after 8 years, voted for Trump because he was convinced that Hillary would take his guns. Geesh!
      So yes, I’m a whiner, but I whine about facts, not about fabricated batshit tales of nonsense.
      I don’t normally read other blogs, but if you have one, I promise to stop by and take a look.
      Thanks again for reading and commenting. Peace to you GreenMan.


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