My Case for Eating Garbage

I have a history of eating garbage, and I have blogged about it several times from years ago to just recently. Well, it happened again today, and I’m ready to state my case in favor of eating trash.

This morning, I caught my wife throwing away our daughter’s 2-day old sandwich … or trying to. I rescued it much to her initial dismay that quickly faded into benign acceptance that she married an idiot.

But look at it. It looks pristine. It was in a bag, probably hermetically sealed. And I had a plan. I knew in our refrigerator was other old food/future garbage my family would not eat that would make a great topping for the sandwich. It didn’t take much looking to find this …

That is leftover Sloppy Joe as it is called around the Midwest. It is made to be eaten on a bun. My plan was to add the Sloppy Joe on top of the garbage sandwich to get …

I’m not sure what to call it. Maybe a Sloppy Top Sandwich. Maybe a Garbage Joe. Maybe. The one thing I am certain to call it is delicious. It really was. I think the cheese in the sandwich really worked well with the Sloppy Joe flavor. And with that, I rest my case for eating garbage. Yum.


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