I Get Her Point

Do you remember when I wrote 3 short complementary pieces for an art exhibition? There was a free verse poem, a sad mini story, and a funny mini story about peaches. Oh, what’s that you say? You were trying to forget? Well, not so fast as I have another peach story with which to regale you. But don’t worry. It’s not from me but from a sixth grader.

Last night, artists and authors gathered at an area public library to reflect on the art exhibited and read some of the writings. It’s one thing to see a small digital version of the painting on my screen. It’s a completely different experience to see these large oil paintings up close. I should probably visit the Art Institute in Chicago more often.

I am happy to report that my peaches story got some chuckles. However, my sad story did not elicit any tears, and my free verse poem didn’t coax one finger snap from the audience.

Wait, was I supposed to lead the finger snapping while at the mic? Seems presumptuous of me to snap at my own creation.

Anyway, enough about me. You are here to read a sixth grader’s story about peaches that is written better than this blog most days, although admittedly that is a low bar. I should warn you that this youth’s peaches story is a bit disturbing, so exercise caution (and maybe do a few sit-ups while you’re at it) before clicking through.

You can access all the students’ stories by clicking HERE. Then scroll down or click on “Evidence” under the section shown as “9. Three Peaches and a Knife.” If you don’t want to be so clicky and scrolly, I will offer it below. I don’t see any copyright notice on it. That reminds me, there was one author last night who started her readings by noting they were all copyrighted to her. Really? Relax. Nobody who is sitting in a public library at 8PM at night discussing art and writing is going to steal your poems. Just to be safe, here’s “Evidence,” copyright to Bethany in the sixth grade.

Evidence by Bethany
I was waiting for someone at the park bench. Well, not just anyone. My boss said she has an assignment. I don’t know why I trust her. I haven’t even seen her face. I mean, it was my choice to do this, but I was short on money and had no other choice.
She came to me and slid me one of those big yellow envelopes. “Get it done by Friday, or else…”
She seemed mad. I opened the envelope and saw a picture of three girls, but it looked like the fourth one is ripped from the picture at the end, so I couldn’t see her face.
“Where is the other gi—”
“Just get it done!” I couldn’t even finish before she cut me off. I think this is a bit personal. I did not want to get yelled at, so I just left.
These girls go to my school so I could just befriend them.
“Hey, I saw you guys and wanted to stop by and say hi. Um, would you like to work with me on the project?”
“Sure.” They all said at the same time.
“Ok great! Thursday, Warren Park, 5:00. We can have a picnic and work on the project.”
“Ok, sounds good.”
They all agreed. This is way easier than I thought. Some people really don’t think things through.
It’s been 2 days now and I’m getting my stuff ready for the picnic. I didn’t really try on my outfit
because it’s not like I will see them again anyway.
I got the stuff ready and I saw them coming from the corner of my eye.
“Hey,” they all said.
“Hey.” I figured out their names when I got their numbers. “I was just getting the stuff ready.”
“Ok,” Emily said as they pulled out their books.
“Here, have some.” I pulled out a basket full of fruit.
They all took a peach and got their laptops for the project. I had to hurry. I looked around to see if anyone was watching. No one. I got my knife and aimed for Emily first and got her. She was annoying, but the others stared at me in horror.
“Y-you just k-killed her,” the brunette said, stuttering.
I never liked when people stuttered. I aimed for her chest next and flung the knife. I didn’t even let the other girl speak before I got my knife and got her. It was done. I was getting rid of the bodies when I heard someone run. I just got caught. I ran after them just to find my brother. I can’t believe it, but he got away.
I was in the courtroom in a trial against my brother. He used the 3 peaches and the knife as evidence, and I got sentenced for life. Gosh, my brother was so annoying. The guards were taking me to my cell. Oh well, people are so annoying.

I admire how well written that story is for a sixth grader. I could barely print my name in sixth grade, and as far as writing my name in cursive? Fuhgeddaboutit! Now, as for the story itself, am I planning to critique it?

First, It’s not my place to critique a sixth grader’s writing. More importantly, Bethany is local, and I don’t want to be stabbed. Seriously, I’m sure Bethany is just a sweet girl with a vivid imagination.

I hope you enjoy some of the other stories and poems from the sixth graders. If you want more stories from me, purchase my book of short stories about the afterlife from Amazon for under a buck or click HERE to buy direct from me and bypass Jeff Bezos and his Amazon money-printing machine.


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