Musical Contemplation on a Misplaced Winter’s Day

Winter has arrived way too early in Chicagoland. I should be in the yard blowing leaves. Instead, I am watching a flurry of snow outside my window on an unseasonably cold day. I guess it could be worse. I hear that Buffalo, NY has received 66 inches (167 cm!) of snow so far with maybe another 10 more inches to go. Here’s a posted pic from the Buffalo blizzard which is still going strong.

Our Chicago weather today reminds me more of some of the winter scenes in this music video.

I’ve always loved that song, more for its sound and rich texture than for its impossibly complex and hard-to-decipher lyrics. I mean, what does this snippet from the song mean?

“So we just skirt the hallway sides
A phantom and a fly
Follow the lines and wonder why
There’s no connection”

And that’s some of the more understandable lyrics.

So, what’s my point? Well, I like the song and wanted to share it with you. You’re welcome. I also wanted to wonder aloud in print if in some alternate universe somewhere there’s a band called The Limbs with a song titled “Phanton Shin.” What do you think of my idea?


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