Should I Study for this Taste Test?

I had an opportunity today to try and qualify for a product taste test for tomorrow. There were only 2 questions:

  1. Am I willing to eat chicken?
  2. Am I willing to eat pudding?

Although I do try to stick to a vegetarian or pescatarian diet, I will eat chicken (and just about anything else) for money. So, a strong “Yes” from me to both questions and I qualified. Yay! Easy money and a potential breakfast of chicken and pudding ahead for me tomorrow morning.

But then I started to get worried. The taste test is relatively short at only 30 minutes. From my previous taste test experience, that seems like too short of a time to taste test two foods as diverse as chicken and pudding. And then I thought of the possible nightmare scenario. Could the taste test possibly be for chicken-flavored pudding? I mean, who likes pudding enough to eat that?

Ugh, Forget I asked.


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