Is a Milton Berle Reference an Insult or Compliment?

I got into a Twitter war yesterday over this post from right wing policy pushers @IllinoisPolicy.

Why did I choose to go to war over that? First, I don’t like @IllinoisPolicy. They just make shit up, which appears to be the MAGA Republican strategy these days. Throw lies at the wall and see what sticks or resonates with their base. I don’t have a problem with most of those numbers shown in that graphic, although I rarely use a paid parking garage (nobody outside of Chicago does), and I know I have saved waaaaaay more with grocery taxes suspended. What I have a problem with is that apparently the numbers weren’t adding up for them, so they threw in that mysterious “Permanent increases over 4 years” expense to make it look bad. That’s just utter nonsense. What does that even mean? They may as well have listed “Parmaflankerstein tax” at $2720.99.

So, I sprung into action to defend Illinois and our beloved Governor JB Pritzker, who doesn’t need my love or defense since he’s a billionaire but has been a great governor despite rolling in dough. I engaged. I defended. I went down the rabbit-hole with the crazies. But I kept my cool and tried to use facts. What did I get? So much anger from them. Why are they always so mad? How can someone go through life like that? And I got what might be a compliment or an insult. I’m not sure.

One of the Pritzker-haters came at me with this …

I have to admit, that stopped me for a moment. My Twitter profile pic is all business. It’s the pic I used for my successful political campaign that got me elected in 2021, and the one I use when I want to appear to have more hair than I actually do.

BTW, feel free to follow me @jim_flanigan. As you can see, my Twitter profile also contains a link to this blog. And through that link to this blog site you can find this pic on my About page …

I mean, this is an attempt, regardless of how successful or not, at a humor blog. I think a funny pic is appropriate, although I was definitely NOT going for a Milton Berle look with that pic. It was a random pic taken in the garage at a friend of my youngest son’s HS graduation party several years back.

I was pleased to see that the tweeter at least acknowledged my humor and sarcasm.

However, the reference to legendary comedian Milton Berle baffled me. But then, I thought about what Uncle Miltie was best known for aside from his humor. Hmm.

That’s right, Berle was not only known for having a huge sense of humor but also a huge, well, you know. He’s a Hollywood legend in that regard. Could the tweeter be inferring from my pics that I also am similarly blessed/cursed? I am simply at a loss whether I was insulted or complimented.

More importantly, I did find a way to stop a Twitter war. I mentioned my book!

After that …

I’m guessing they all went directly from Twitter to this link at to buy my award-winning book, right? Hello? Where’d everyone go? Gee, that is really effective.


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