Is Dave > God?

Recently, I told our pastor that she had restored my faith that Christianity can actually do good. She resigned. I don’t think the two events are related, but who knows?

I am so sick and tired of Republican Christian zealots who are trying to take over US government, local government, public schools, and just about everything else. Those Christian zombies want all of us to abdicate thought and blindly trust their twisted interpretation of God’s will so that everyone will sleepwalk their way through life.

I find that concept monstrous. Maybe not as monstrous as this though.

Rather than just throwing the whole bowl of conservative Christian spaghetti at the cultural wall in the US and seeing what sticks, I’d rather we focus more on Christian behavior to help our fellow men and women in need, regardless of their faith or lack thereof.

Can I get behind this?

Yeah, sure, but how do you explain this?

Oh, that Dave! I find him funny, but not everyone shares my opinion.

The problem is, which Dave? Anyone have an idea? Maybe this Dave?

Unlikely. Does anyone know a lot of Daves?

I’m guessing none of those Daves either, but you have to admit it was a snappy little tune. And what a fun way to wind down a blog post that allowed me to rant a bit about how organized Christianity has gotten its knickers inexorably tangled up with the Republican party. I’m done for now, and I feel better. I hope Dave does, too, wherever he is.


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