What Does God Look Like?

I had to write a letter to my 13 year old daughter yesterday for some Church thingy. In the letter, I mentioned that God is not some bearded old man in a flowing robe. Sounds like me on a Saturday morning after not shaving all week. But what if God is exactly that?

What if God is just like one of us?

Well put, Joan. I guess that would explain all the suffering, wars, and hatred in the world.

I prefer to not think of God as “just a slob like one of us” per Joan’s lyrics. I guess that rules out me on a Saturday morning or the Dude.

Although I have to admit that those moves are somewhat goddish. The Dude may not be God, but he definitely abides. That’s why I continue to minister to the masses (just to clarify, I’m not talking about a Catholic mass, although I was a Catholic altar boy who drank his share of Communion wine as a preteen) as an ordained minister in the Church of the Latter-Day Dude.

Although I’m a man of the cloth, I can’t tell you exactly what God looks like or doesn’t look like. In my award-winning book of short stories about the afterlife, I do offer some suggestions. For example, the first story in my book, “Doggone,” offers up a version of God as our best friend.

Believe or don’t believe as you see fit. Just make sure to be kind, do no harm, and abide. Oh, and buy my book of short stories. Come on. Don’t be the reason I get mad and stop abiding.


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