A Cheesy Post

As I did a recent Twitter scroll to get caught up on world news, I stumbled across this pic with excellent advice on enchanting women. Single guys in particular, take note.

I was not as surprised by the advice as I was by how many people who replied to that tweet agreed. I think you do need to be careful though. Make sure you do not cut the cheese immediately before giving the woman a piece of the cheese. Yes, I am 10 years old.

The advice at the top of the page seems sound, too. If you have interest in a woman, ALWAYS steal her shoe. And my Pro Tip is to steal it while out on a date. That really moves the relationship along.

I’m fascinated by the second bit of advice on the page. When I was dating, I typically asked for a lock of the woman’s hair on our first date. They either found it charming or creepy. Can’t it be both? Sometimes, I asked for the whole wig. But this book advises that you have to get a single hair (probably not too difficult) and a pin (how many woman are wearing pins?) in a way that is unperceived. I recommend sticking with the stolen shoe or cheese. But what I find most interesting is this section has a footnote!

The author apparently researched this and actually cited a reference. I want to see that origin material that is referenced.

If you do decide to woo a woman using cheese, I wish you Gouda luck that someday you find a woman who will say this to you.


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