A Syrupy Post

I’m following up my last Cheesy Post with a syrupy post. I had no idea it was a very special time of the year until I saw this on my walk through my neighborhood today.

Are you thinking it is the season when trees pee blue into buckets placed next to them? No, but close. This pic should make it clearer.

Yes, my neighbors are tapping their trees, because it is maple syrup season. Geez, where do I live, Vermont or Canada? Canada … I wish. Lovely country. I guess if you have a maple tree, you can get free maple syrup. Well, I happen to have one.

That’s a Japanese Maple we planted by the pond. I’m going to give it a try, but I think the odds are even that the tap will snap the tree in half. For me, it is worth the risk. My hope is that a Japanese Maple may deliver a syrup with a bit of a wasabi flavor to it. I’m a big fan of wasabi. If it works, I may have syrup that I can use over my waffles AND sushi. Not surprisingly, that is already a thing.

Yum. I think I’ve got a potential hit on my hands with my Japanese wasabi maple syrup … assuming I don’t kill the tree by tapping it. I’ll be gentle.


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