Super Bowl Sunday Random Thoughts

It was a big day in the US on Sunday with the Super Bowl, and as usual, I thought too much, just not about anything important. Here are some of those random thoughts.

Puppy Bowl

I watched the second half of the Puppy Bowl before the Super Bowl, as Team Fluff tussled with Team Ruff. I came to 2 conclusions after watching.

  1. I don’t think there are actual rules for the Puppy Bowl. Any “rules” that do exist seem fluid at best. I mean, the “referee” declared that one dog running from one end zone to the other had scored a double touchdown. A DOUBLE touchdown! I know the Puppy Bowl is for a good cause, but I would like to see a stricter codification of rules in the future.
  2. I should not have bet on the Puppy Bowl until they tighten up the rules a bit.

I Deserve a Super Bowl Ring

Don’t just dismiss my laying claim to a Super Bowl ring as more nonsense from me. I will make a cogent argument and compelling case.

A dear friend (more like a brother who is constantly ashamed to be related to me) was the principal of a school attended by one of the Los Angeles Rams, winners of the Super Bowl. The player was a key contributor all season and during the Super Bowl. So, how does that concern me except for the fact that my connection to him is through my friend?

Well, you have all heard of the Butterfly Effect, right? Kill a single butterfly and it changes future events, which is why I kill every butterfly I can. Here’s my Butterfly Effect case for a Super Bowl ring.

When my friend was principal, if I had been a bigger pain in the ass to him than I normally am, he may have been surly as he executed his duties (and maybe students!) as principal. He may have expelled the future Rams player. That player may have been so psychologically damaged by the expulsion, he may have resigned himself to a lowly career as my editor and never aspired to be a professional football player and eventual Super Bowl champion. We’ll never know for sure, but I do know I wasn’t as big a pain in the ass as I could have been, so I did my part. I don’t want anyone calling me a hero. Just call me for my ring size.

Best. Halftime. Show. Ever.

My oldest son was once in the music business hosting a music industry podcast. He called the Super Bowl halftime show a better show than he expected. I respect his opinion, and I respect the halftime artists who performed their original music. I wouldn’t know if the show was good or not. I didn’t see it. It’s just not my cup of tea. But I can assure you that for older white Americans like me, it was the best halftime show ever. It gave us the freedom to take an extended 15+ minute bathroom break, and I even snuck a shower in. I felt no obligation whatsoever to watch it, unlike back in Super Bowl XVI when Up With People “rocked” halftime.

I have no idea where the recent halftime show will rate in the pantheon of Super Bowl halftime shows. For me, I will always relate it to #1 or #2 … and a shower.


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