An Unbearable Game

If you didn’t get the hint from last Sunday’s critically acclaimed ignored Mite Be Funny cartoon, I went to the Chicago Bears football game. Not the kind of football where feet are primarily used to move the ball, but the American football where hands are mostly used to advance the ball, but feet are still used to run and kick occasionally. Wouldn’t that be a boring game if feet weren’t used to help score with the football?

Okay, I stand corrected. That looks interesting. Anyway, I went to the game and despite sitting in great seats thanks to a wealthy and generous friend, I have complaints. Now, I know it is not Festivus season yet, but I can’t stop myself from airing my grievances.

And who better to share my grievances with than you lucky blog followers who are glued to your screens as a captive audience? So, here we go …

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Super Bowl Sunday Random Thoughts

It was a big day in the US on Sunday with the Super Bowl, and as usual, I thought too much, just not about anything important. Here are some of those random thoughts.

Puppy Bowl

I watched the second half of the Puppy Bowl before the Super Bowl, as Team Fluff tussled with Team Ruff. I came to 2 conclusions after watching.

  1. I don’t think there are actual rules for the Puppy Bowl. Any “rules” that do exist seem fluid at best. I mean, the “referee” declared that one dog running from one end zone to the other had scored a double touchdown. A DOUBLE touchdown! I know the Puppy Bowl is for a good cause, but I would like to see a stricter codification of rules in the future.
  2. I should not have bet on the Puppy Bowl until they tighten up the rules a bit.

I Deserve a Super Bowl Ring

Don’t just dismiss my laying claim to a Super Bowl ring as more nonsense from me. I will make a cogent argument and compelling case.

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