Super Bowl Sunday Random Thoughts

It was a big day in the US on Sunday with the Super Bowl, and as usual, I thought too much, just not about anything important. Here are some of those random thoughts.

Puppy Bowl

I watched the second half of the Puppy Bowl before the Super Bowl, as Team Fluff tussled with Team Ruff. I came to 2 conclusions after watching.

  1. I don’t think there are actual rules for the Puppy Bowl. Any “rules” that do exist seem fluid at best. I mean, the “referee” declared that one dog running from one end zone to the other had scored a double touchdown. A DOUBLE touchdown! I know the Puppy Bowl is for a good cause, but I would like to see a stricter codification of rules in the future.
  2. I should not have bet on the Puppy Bowl until they tighten up the rules a bit.

I Deserve a Super Bowl Ring

Don’t just dismiss my laying claim to a Super Bowl ring as more nonsense from me. I will make a cogent argument and compelling case.

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Guaranteed Super Bowl Winners

At the beginning of 2020, my home state of Illinois legalized online sports gambling. I thought nothing of that because within no time at all, there were no sports. Thanks, COVID. But then sports started to come back. I still thought nothing of it. I was too busy being poor, thanks again to COVID. But then my oldest son, who always has been a bad influence on me, suggested I start gambling on NFL football. I signed up.

Now here we are, wrapping up the NFL season tomorrow with the Super Bowl, and I will finish the season with winnings of right about $1400. I didn’t just bet football. I’ve also bet baseball, baseketball, hockey, soccer, tennis, golf, and mma, all to a lesser degree. It doesn’t matter what sport I bet. I’m a terrible bettor. A former Chicago Bear football player named Doug Buffone used to say, “Those who gamble live in shambles.” That’s me. I could bet on a coin flip 100 times and get it right maybe 10 times. So, how did I win $1400 in 5 months? Well, I may be terrible at betting, but I’m great at math. Here’s the system …

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