My Positive Christmas COVID Test

Before starting our Christmas festivities with family, we all tested for Covid as some in the family are immunocompromised. We used nasal swab home test kits.

The store was out of the rectal test versions that I prefer. Anyway, with these nasal tests, one red line means you are negative for Covid, and two red lines mean you got the Covid.

Pretty simple, right? I was grateful that my test yielded only one red line. But what did what was underneath mean? Take a look.

That’s right, I got a green line underneath. I searched the fine print in the instructions and found nary a mention of a green line. I finally went online, and in the FAQ section I found what the green line means. I was thrilled to discover that I was not alone getting the green line. It definitely meant that I was negative for Covid. However, it means that I tested positive for boogers. Can someone pass me a tissue, please?


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