Not a Republican Politician Story

It might appear from the featured image and headline below that this post may be heading toward a story about Republican politicians like Ron DeSantis or Matt Gaetz, but it’s not. This post is NOT about any elected Republicans, but about an actual penis snake as shown in the picture that follows the headline.

You can see I removed where the penis snakes were found, just so you can make a guess. There is a hint in the first sentence of this post. Click HERE to link to the full story and check your answer, or read the following excerpt with the answer.

Florida, duh! Of course it is Florida. Did my hint help? Here’s a pic of 2 penis snakes Florida politicians DeSantis and Gaetz. Hey, man in royal blue suit, watch out! That penis snake on the right Ron DeSantis is baring showing his fangs teeth in preparation to bite you laugh.

And really, where else besides Florida would you expect penis snakes to show up? Okay, I guess you can make cases for Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, and other states in the southern USA.

I feel like I’ve buried the lead to this story. Does anyone else find it hilarious that penis snakes are also called rubber eels? And since they are technically caecilians, how about condom caecilians? Now how is caecilian pronounced?

Yeah, maybe that way. And with all this talk of penis snakes, rubber eels, and condom caecilians, I must admit, yes, I am 12 years old.

While that blockbuster post above may be suitable for 12 year olds, my book of short stories is definitely not.

There is strong language used and adult situations explored. Enjoy all the salaciousness the book has to offer by clicking this link to buy it on Amazon.


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