Lollapalooza Doppelganger

I recently dedicated a blog post to Lollapalooza, so I wanted to be fair and give some free blog publicity to an event hosted by the My Pillow guy that I think is most accurately called Loserpalooza.

I’m currently not busy that day, but I swear I’ll find something, anything to do that doesn’t involve seeing that train wreck. However, that didn’t stop me from getting these …

That’s right, I scored 2 free tix to Loserpalooza. Hopefully, that will keep 2 more of the brainwashed at home without tickets rather than listening to nonsense in person. Petty? Yes, definitely. I encourage you to be petty and order yours at To enter the website, you will have to provide a mobile phone number. I suggest using 123-456-7890. Order your tickets now. Two per email, so use all your emails to score lots of tix. Think of it this way … you will be doing a public service and helping the gullible.


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