A Tempting Viral Offer

They need to stop sending me these offers …

I understand that COVID-19 can be a killer. I mask-up. I sanitize my hands. I isolate myself as much as possible. That last one is especially appreciated by all who know me. But the temptation to get COVID so I can qualify for this study is almost too much for a money-grubbing lowlife like me. I sure could use $4875.

I have a safer solution …

Thankfully, I also don’t have a friend at this moment who has COVID that I could use to get that $4875. But you’re my friend, right? (Editor’s Note: Creepy, but I’m going to allow it)

You can get me started on my way to that $4875 just by purchasing my book …

Nobody gets COVID, and I get a few coins toward the $4875. Buy a pdf direct from this website or head to Amazon to purchase BEYOND: Tales of the Afterlife for your Kindle or Kindle app. Do it. Do it now before I start coughing. And seriously, mask up and sign up to get vaccinated! While this blog can be a laughing matter (sometimes), COVID is not.

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