A Scar to Die For

My new scar is not it. It’s pathetic.

Leg Scar

I was so hopeful. This post-skin cancer surgery wound held such promise.


Leg stitches

Nine glorious stitches had the potential for some nasty scarring. Maybe not as cool as this beauty …

leg scar long

Lucky bastard. But I was hoping for an attention & sympathy getting scar. I got nothing. Plus, I had to wait over 2 weeks for the Steri-strips to fall off after the stitches were removed, all the time thinking the wait would be worth it since I had a nasty scar brewing underneath.

But alas, I was disappointed. It almost makes me think that having skin cancer isn’t worth it if my dermatologist is going to fail on delivering a cringe-worthy scar. I may stop slathering myself in butter …

kramer butter

and start using SPF50 suncreen just to avoid the disappointment.

EDITOR’S NOTE: Don’t listen to this idiot. Always use sunscreen.

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