Fun with Food

I’ve always had fun with food. My kids, nephews, and nieces were always entertained/embarrassed/embarrassed for me when I took on a challenge like this …

Bluto eating.gif

As I’ve aged/matured/slightly spoiled, I have toned down my gastronomic games. However, I stumbled onto a great new way to have fun with food.

I found this in the freezer …


Okay, so it was in a bag. I’m not an animal that eats anything that looks remotely edible, unless it is for a bet or entertainment purposes. This is the bag that block of ice was in …


I have no memory of buying it at all. It has likely been in the freezer for years. I looked for a “Best By” or expiration date. The closest I found was this …


Hmmm, 5278EP5. The best I can interpret that is that it expired May 27, 2008, Episode 5. So I have no idea how old it is. I do know that once we build Trump’s wall, we won’t be having vegetables sneak in from Mexico and Guatemala anymore to be part of a Harvest Hodgepodge.

The game I play is simple. I break off a chunk …


And I try to guess the vegetables inside before I melt it down in the pot to have with some noodles.


If I guess correctly, I get to eat them.

If I guess incorrectly, uh, well, I also get to eat them.

Upon further review, it doesn’t sound like much of a game after all.

Oh, well. I can always go back to this …

Murray cake