Fun with Food

I’ve always had fun with food. My kids, nephews, and nieces were always entertained/embarrassed/embarrassed for me when I took on a challenge like this …

Bluto eating.gif

As I’ve aged/matured/slightly spoiled, I have toned down my gastronomic games. However, I stumbled onto a great new way to have fun with food.

I found this in the freezer …

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Foment the Ferment

My oldest daughter always tries to get me meaningful Christmas gifts. For example, last year she knew I was trying to eat healthy, so she bought me an herb garden. I still haven’t used it. I just haven’t had the thyme, but I hope to soon.

Wow, what a way to start the New Year, with a bad dad joke. But murder is no joking matter. This Christmas, my first-born bought me this gift which had me convinced that she may be trying to murder me.

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Fruity Thoughts From a Vegetable

The vegetable mentioned in the title would be yours truly. Now that summer fruits are so readily available, and my vegetable garden is harvestable, I have been having some thoughts about fruits and veggies that I feel compelled to share with you.

I love cherries. Two words for you … Ranier cherries. They are heaven. They are in season. Buy them. Enjoy. You’re welcome.

But I have a problem buying cherries. When I purchase cherries by the pound, I get charged for the pits that are discarded. That’s not fair. However, I do have a solution.

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