Thoughts on my Walk

I took a walk this morning, partially for exercise to help lose my fat and partially for mind-cleansing to lose my dark thoughts. I need both … a lot! It was an ideal morning for a walk, nice and cool, although the humidity was high. I don’t mind the high humidity because it makes my remaining hair look fuller. Anyway, it was a peaceful walk, almost too peaceful. I passed nobody. I saw no cars on the road. That generated these random musings …

It’s way too quiet to be a normal Saturday morning. Maybe everyone got Raptured up to heaven except me.

Oh, there’s a plane, except maybe it is empty and on auto-pilot and will eventually crash.

Hey, I kind of like this. It’s so peaceful.

But what about my family?

I’ll miss them, but they’ll be safe in a good place.

Oh, this is so nice. I’m not sure of what I did wrong to get left behind, but I would so do it again.

Why am I walking so fast? I won’t have any chores or home projects to do anymore.

The Trumps cannot possibly be Raptured. I hope I don’t run into them.

I hope I can find enough low-salt canned goods to last me the rest of my life.

No colonoscopy!

What about our dog? I’m going to have to take care of her all by myself. I should probably set her free so she can roam as she pleases. No worries about her being hit by a car.

But then I’m going to have to set all the dogs, cats, and birds in the neighborhood free. And all over the world, too! What about fish in aquariums? Who is going to feed them and change their water?

The freed dogs and cats will eventually turn feral and join the coyotes around here to hunt me.

With nobody to pick it up, there will be dog poop EVERYWHERE. My quiet morning walks will devolve into stressful runs trying to avoid being eaten by wild dogs and coyotes while not slipping on their piles of crap.

Am I being hunted now?

I was somewhat relieved when I heard the faint rumble of an engine in the distance as I turned into my neighborhood. I knew I was not alone. Then the faint rumble of that engine turned into a loud roar as a diesel truck belching black smoke passed our street.

I weighed the alternatives. I’m torn.


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