Family Hysterical History – The Kids

My oldest daughter has been working on the family genealogy, so she was thrilled when I stumbled across my paternal grandmother’s family history from the late 1800’s to 1975. I had no idea what a treasure trove of odd, humorous tidbits it would contain. Here we go with some memories from the 10 kids, who would be siblings of my grandmother who was already deceased at the time this history was written.

I just offered you a cartoon about mite cannibalism yesterday. How about we start today’s post with a story about chicken cannibalism?


But what did the kids, my ancestors, eat?


Quick, eat your soup before it clots. There were 10 children including my grandmother. I wonder what the dinner table was like?


That does sound fun … and claustrophobic. And if you didn’t like it, you could always leave.


That crazy Arno was always a bad influence! The sister Marie mentioned was my grandmother who apparently was also a narc. But my great grandparents did try and show their family of 10 a good time.


Ouch. Even at home, my great grandparents engaged in fun activities with the 10 kids.


Nothing bonds children to parents like dismantling railroad cars together. And if my great grandparents were busy, the 10 kids made their own fun.



Wow, that does sound great! Hard to beat fun at the old cinder pile. But it wasn’t always good times. As the 10 children including my grandmother aged, there were some deaths. But they made the best of it.


Talk about keeping it in the family.

Tomorrow, I’ll share stories of the parents who were my great grandparents, although they don’t sound all that great.


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