Show Me The Money!

We’re not rich, but it turns out my ancestors were. While my oldest daughter shelters-in- place, she delved further into our genealogy. She found my great great grandfather’s will from 1899. He appears to have come to the USA during the Irish Potato Famine (bad name for a band) and amassed a small fortune. His $4000 cash on hand would be worth about $125,000 today. And the real estate that he owned free and clear would be valued at about $600,000 today. And the real estate generated over $30,000 a year income for him in today’s dollars.


I never have cash on hand, although there may be loose change in the couch cushions. My real estate is valued about half of that, which I guess is okay since the bank owns most of it. My adult children living with me pay no rent. What happened?

Somewhere along the way, my family tree became diseased and never produced money again. I guess I am as much to blame as anyone. In my post yesterday, I vowed to donate all proceeds from my political novella. That is no way to get rich.

Family Hysterical History – The Parents

Yesterday, I introduced you to stories from the childhood of my grandmother and her siblings, my great aunts and uncles. For today, I threatened promised stories of the parents, my great grandmother and great grandfather. I am making good on that threat promise, so here we go. First up is a story of how my family history is similar to the Trump family in one special way.

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Family Hysterical History – The Kids

My oldest daughter has been working on the family genealogy, so she was thrilled when I stumbled across my paternal grandmother’s family history from the late 1800’s to 1975. I had no idea what a treasure trove of odd, humorous tidbits it would contain. Here we go with some memories from the 10 kids, who would be siblings of my grandmother who was already deceased at the time this history was written.

I just offered you a cartoon about mite cannibalism yesterday. How about we start today’s post with a story about chicken cannibalism?

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Polish News, Parts 1 & 2

Polish News Part 1

I made my first women’s cosmetic purchase for myself recently, and I have to admit I sort of liked cosmetics shopping. Why did I start to shop for women’s cosmetics after all these years? I got tired of using my 10 year old daughter’s nail polish because it is just a bit too sparkly for my taste.

Nail2 small

That’s my broken fingernail with just a bit of added sparkly pizzazz. My daughter’s polish did the job. I have a cracked nail and I need to cover it up and buy some time while it grows and heals. But I need to polish it almost every day, and each application of polish added new sparkles. So I went nail polish shopping.

I got to rub elbows with the ladies in the cosmetics aisle at the local store. After I assured store security that I would stop rubbing lady’s elbows, I got back to the business of choosing a nail polish. Can I get a drumroll before the big reveal of what I purchased?


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