Questioning Education & Conversation

Over the weekend, I drove almost 300 miles on Saturday to help my middle daughter move into college for her 5th year, also known as her super senior year. I have so many questions, but will limit it to these 3:

  1. Will my middle daughter ever really use her second major and second minor she plans to earn in this 5th super senior year?
  2. At my advanced age, why do I have a youngest daughter that is still 6 years away from even starting college?
  3. From a parent’s perspective, there is nothing super about a second senior year. Okay, so that is more of a declarative statement than a question.

The second question is the one that really bothers me. It points to a total lack of planning and judgment on my part. I fear I can never trust myself again, not that I ever could before.

Anyway, after I returned home, I planned to regale my wife with stories of how I got over 38 miles per gallon on the way there, but 6 mpg less on the way home. Imagine the possibilities as to why that happened! Wind direction, speed maintained, route taken, etc. Then I realized just how sad that sounded, so I spared my wife that conversation and decided to blog about it instead. It seems even sadder in writing.

Family Hysterical History – The Parents

Yesterday, I introduced you to stories from the childhood of my grandmother and her siblings, my great aunts and uncles. For today, I threatened promised stories of the parents, my great grandmother and great grandfather. I am making good on that threat promise, so here we go. First up is a story of how my family history is similar to the Trump family in one special way.

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Family Hysterical History – The Kids

My oldest daughter has been working on the family genealogy, so she was thrilled when I stumbled across my paternal grandmother’s family history from the late 1800’s to 1975. I had no idea what a treasure trove of odd, humorous tidbits it would contain. Here we go with some memories from the 10 kids, who would be siblings of my grandmother who was already deceased at the time this history was written.

I just offered you a cartoon about mite cannibalism yesterday. How about we start today’s post with a story about chicken cannibalism?

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Retraction: I Did NOT Ruin Easter

I recently posted about ruining Easter thanks to my bout with the flu. Turns out that Easter was not ruined, at least for me.

I was still pretty sick on Easter morning, still coughing up “things” that I swear struggled not to be washed down my sink’s drain. So I had no big plans to run a Bunny Hop 5K or anything like that. My wife told me church was not in my plans. I considered arguing with her for a nanosecond, and settled in for my big morning plans …

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How I Spent My Summer Vacation & Other Musings Upon My Wife’s Return

My wife and youngest daughter just spent a week in Denver visiting family and hiking in the mountains as a summer vacation. I spent a week home alone with my 2 college-age children and 2 geriatric dogs as my summer vacation. Guess who drew the short straw on that one? But I tried to make the best of it, and although I am not sure if I made the “best” of it, I think I at least made the “better” of it. Here’s how …

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