Broadway Bound!

My wife and I were proud parents last weekend as we got to see our middle daughter dance on Broadway. That’s right, after graduating from the university with one of her degrees in Performance Dance, she made it to Broadway less than a year later. Unfortunately, that would be Broadway Ave. in Chicago at the intimate Edge Theater. Regardless, we were thrilled with seeing her do what she loves to do. Here she is with the rest of the dance ensemble at the end of the show.

What a coincidence that our daughter was standing directly under a big white arrow when they took the pic. And yes, we are a transracial family with our three youngest children being adopted. I don’t want any readers confused … or more confused than usual after reading one of my blog posts.

It always makes a parent feel good to see their child doing something they love. We love watching our middle daughter dance, especially when no poles are involved. Unfortunately, the dance ensemble our daughter is in is more focused on art rather than profit, so our daughter has to work 3 other jobs to make money. I did point out to her that there is a professional dance team located very close to us which probably pays well as they dance to entertain the great citizens of the USA. Take a look.

This is definitely not my daughter’s cup of tea, but I’m sure it would make it easier to pay the bills. Our daughter is heading to two cruise line dance tryouts today. It pays very well, but I’m pretty sure that cruise line dancing is more focused on entertainment than art. I do not see our daughter dancing on the open seas anytime soon.

The lesson I have learned from my daughter is to do what you want to do and what you love when you can. This becomes more and more of a focus of mine as I age. I realize that there may come a time sooner than later when I will be more limited in what I can attempt to do, so I am going to do what I want to do now while I am able. More to come on what I will be attempting in 2022, but you can be sure that it will not involve dancing.

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