Retraction: I Did NOT Ruin Easter

I recently posted about ruining Easter thanks to my bout with the flu. Turns out that Easter was not ruined, at least for me.

I was still pretty sick on Easter morning, still coughing up “things” that I swear struggled not to be washed down my sink’s drain. So I had no big plans to run a Bunny Hop 5K or anything like that. My wife told me church was not in my plans. I considered arguing with her for a nanosecond, and settled in for my big morning plans …

I watched Guardians of the Galaxy 2. I know its not exactly a new movie, but any movie that came out in the last decade is new for me. As for my review, I think I can best convey how I felt about the movie by saying, “I am Groot.” The movie immediately hooked me with its soundtrack at the beginning. Brandy by the Looking Glass started the movie and it is one damn fine song. Although I was a huge ELO fan back in their heyday, I was not a fan of their song Mr Blue Sky when it first came out. That song was next on the Guardians soundtrack, and I realized how much I like it now. It’s not easy making a song that sounds original, and Mr Blue Sky has a one-of-a-kind sound to it.

I was thrilled to hear a local Chicago hit called Lake Shore Drive made the soundtrack next.  Released by Chicago band Aliota, Haynes & Jeremiah in 1971, it was a song tribute to Lake Shore Drive, the magnificent road that borders Chicago’s beautiful lakeshore, parks and beaches. I recently saw either Aliota, Haynes or Jeremiah open for some headliner that was playing in town. I can’t remember which one it was, but I do remember they played Lake Shore Drive on a solo acoustic guitar which was great, although it loses a bit of the effect without the terrific jangly piano and seductive violin. The rest of the soundtrack didn’t thrill me, but those first three songs roped me in to watch a very enjoyable movie.

My oldest daughter and son spent the day with us, and I got to talk about music with them which made me realize I have evolved into being more of a music historian than music fan these days. That’s OK by me. It is always good to know where you came from to appreciate where you are. My youngest son came upstairs from his basement lair to feed at the appropriate time before heading out to see his friends. My middle daughter didn’t make it home from college due to dance rehearsals. Watching her make her way through college reminds me that while there are some unsavory influences along the way, college is also a place where one can find one’s self.

My 9 year old daughter is always omnipresent, so I did my best to play some game called Catan with her that evening. My oldest daughter did her best to explain the rules to me, but I swear she got lost, too. We finally settled on a few lively hands of Uno to satisfy my youngest’s desire to play a game, any game.

It was a quiet day interspersed with bursts of playing with the new puppy. It was so quiet that my oldest son and I watched a very bad Chicago Bulls team play a half of sub-par basketball. But quiet for me was not bad. I liked it. And as for those extended family members that did not come to our house to eat our food, spill our beverages, clog our toilets, track mud through the house and run me ragged for much of the day, I may have ruined their Easter, but it turns out that I didn’t much care.