Mite Be Funny – A Look Back

Last week, the 100th Mite Be Funny cartoon was published. That’s 100 cartoons about arachnids. I started Mite Be Funny with this cartoon almost two years ago.

Mite Be Funny skin flakes

I set an unrealistic goal of 100 Mite Be Funny cartoons about the lives and loves of dust mites that eat our dead skin flakes. It did not seem plausible that I could write 100 entertaining cartoons about mites eating dead skin flakes. And I was right. This is typical of the bad jokes contained in these cartoons …

Mite Be Funny #61 Easter Bunny

I did my best to keep the Mites away from politics, but they dipped their claws from time to time into current affairs.

Mite Be Funny #7 March for Science

Occasionally, the Mites would eulogize a deceased celebrity like Hugh Hefner.

Mite Be Funny #32 - Special RIP Hugh Hefner Edition

But mostly, the Mites have stuck to dead skin flake humor.

Mite Be Funny #8 Flakes

So where do we go from here? First stop … the Mites will go on hiatus. Maybe they’ll go on vacation.

Mite Be Funny #12 Summer Vacation

Unless I come up with lots of new Mite Be Funny ideas soon, we’ll take a few weeks off. I still have 3 unpublished Mite Be Funny cartoons completed including the infamous scab cartoon that really should never be published. We’ll see if I can withstand the incredible public pressure to keep it under wraps.

Until we sort out the future of Mite Be Funny, I’ll do my best to come up with Sunday posts to keep you entertained and to start your week off right.

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