Weather or Not to March

I have been on weather-watch all week. Saturday is the day of the Women’s March, but this year there is not going to be a march in Chicago. Leave it to the local progressive women to organize one in the town next to mine.

women's march

Crowds of 500 to 5,000 are expected. How do you plan for that wide of a range? Will there be enough hot chocolate? I was tagged as being an able-bodied male who could act as a march marshal. They obviously haven’t seen my body. And shouldn’t we call a march marshal a marchal?

I was not thrilled when I saw early in the week a Saturday forecast of temperatures in the low twenties (F) plus a blizzard. Predicted temps are now in the high twenties and the blizzard may be Friday night. We may wake up to this Saturday morning.

snow deep.gif

I have decided to marshal marchal for one specific reason … I have been told there will be counter-protesters. How do you protest against women’s rights? What year is this, 1880? Of course, Republicans refer to 1880 as the Good Old Days.

Counter-protesters have their Constitutional right to free speech. If they choose to exercise that right, I plan to be in their faces to exercise my Constitutional right and explain why they are jackasses. Try and bring it if you can, counter-protesting bitches. Marchal Flanigan will be in town.