The Keys to a Good Piano Recital

I almost forgot (or was I trying to forget?) that I sat through 39 piano songs this past weekend for my daughter’s piano recital. That’s a lot of songs. My daughter performed her song in the middle of the recital, and she did great. By that time, I was hungry. Maybe it was the Pickelsimer child that played before my daughter, or maybe it was that Pizzicato (is that a very small pizza?) that my daughter played, but my stomach really started growling.

Piano Recital2

Fortunately, refreshments were served after the recital, although I was disappointed with how the recital ended. Take a look at the last song …

Piano Recital1

Hungarian Rhapsody? If I sit through 39 songs at a children’s piano recital, I don’t want Hungarian Rhapsody. I want to hear some Bohemian Rhapsody.


Now that would have been a great way to end a piano recital. Unfortunately, it did not make the Liszt.