Brew Review #3 – Wild Sour Blueberry Gose

I was getting tired of not being able to find a gose (pronounced like ‘Rosa’ except of course with a G rather than the R) beer, which I will remind you is a German sour, salty beer with little to no hoppiness that I fell in love with as described in my Brew Review #1. After some online sleuthing, I decided to try an actual liquor store this time which turned out to be a brilliant way to find a wide selection of liquor. The Binny’s Beverage Depot website showed numerous gose beers available. Sounds like a simple solution, right? Off to Binny’s except …

I was uncertain of where Binny’s was exactly, despite having shopped there before. I know, I know, just ask my phone, right? But where’s the challenge and sport in that? I overshot Binny’s a bit, but once I double-backed and made my way inside, I found out that certain gose beers can be seasonal, like the one I had planned to try. However, I spotted the Wild Sour Series from Destihl Brewery which grabbed my attention, not because of the clever name (Destihl is pronounced like distill, get it?), but because it is in Normal, IL which is where my middle daughter goes to college. I figured there could be a combination brewery tour/daughter visit in the future should I like the beer.

I made a commitment. I bought a 4 pack.

Wild Sour Beer

Kind of a big step for me committing to a beer that I didn’t even know. But it turns out the beer was free! I used my wife’s Binny’s gift card, so I didn’t really pay for it. If I found I couldn’t commit to the beer, I will have lost nothing. Oh, if only all of life’s relationships were that simple.

Now you may wonder, why blueberry? I had my eye on a cherry gose, but I already reviewed a cherry gose in Brew Review #1. If you are not already bored with my writing, how about more posts about cherry gose beers? Cherries are one of the top fruits of all times. Fruit draft time!

  • Round 1
  • Me: Watermelon – a truly stellar pick, destined for the Fruit Hall of Fame
  • You: Apple – a functional fruit, but quite pedestrian and boring over time
  • Round 2 
  • Me: Grapes – delicious, one step away from wine, and handy for road trips
  • You: Banana – also handy for road trips with some appeal (get it?)
  • Round 3 
  • Me: Cherries – Hah! You had your chance in Round 2, but opted for the mundane banana. My daring Round 2 gambit paid off. Sucker!
  • You: Orange – Zzzzzzzz, a valuable fruit in the age of scurvy 200 years ago

Yes, cherries are a Top 3 fruit for me, but I felt the need to try something new. I thought the blueberry could be an interesting flavor, so I took the plunge.

The beer had a reddish-pink hue to it, or maybe it was pinkish-red. The head poured large (like me!), but soon dissipated to nothing (like me!). The taste was nice and sour, but it didn’t shout out to me that it was made with blueberry puree. The aroma and taste was more genericberry than blueberry. There was no strong taste coming at me like the cherry tartness of the cherry gose. I liked the 11 IBU for a smooth taste with no bitterness, but wish the 5.2% ABV was a bit higher. I’m not a big drinker, so I’d like to get a little buzz if I just drink just one.

In conclusion, this is a nice sour gose beer, but the next gose beer I buy will be a cherry with a heavier ABV if I can find it, but not for purposes of review, just personal enjoyment. For future Brew Reviews, I will head back to buying interesting beers, one bottle at a time.



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