Brew Review #4 – Sam Adams Summer Beers

I realized that it is all well and good to review regional Midwest beers in these Brew Reviews because they are delightfully enchanting and humorous to read. But what happens if a reader of this blog outside of the Midwestern USA has their interest in a reviewed regional beer piqued enough by my compelling writing to want to try the beer? That beer may be difficult to find, and the reader may find him or herself disappointed in both the blog post and not being able to find the beer in their locality. Sam Adams is a large brewing entity with beers available nationally, so I decided to try a Sam Adams summer beer which should be more available to our US readers.

As amazing as it sounds, we (which means I was miraculously included) were invited over to a neighbor’s house for a bonfire. A perfect excuse to buy and bring beer! As you may have seem from previous Brew Reviews, I have grown fond of gose beers. I was putting together a mix & match 6 pack when I saw Sam Adams offered this gose beer …

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Brew Review #3 – Wild Sour Blueberry Gose

I was getting tired of not being able to find a gose (pronounced like ‘Rosa’ except of course with a G rather than the R) beer, which I will remind you is a German sour, salty beer with little to no hoppiness that I fell in love with as described in my Brew Review #1. After some online sleuthing, I decided to try an actual liquor store this time which turned out to be a brilliant way to find a wide selection of liquor. The Binny’s Beverage Depot website showed numerous gose beers available. Sounds like a simple solution, right? Off to Binny’s except …

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