I Missed My 1000th Post

Not literally. I was actually present for my 1000th post since I created it, but I just didn’t realize it was such a momentous post, relatively speaking. I had seen a few weeks back that I was closing in on 1000 time-wasters, and I figured if I planned carefully, I could make a Mite Be Funny cartoon my 1000th post. Mite Be Funny may not be funny at times, but is my favorite part of this blog. Well, that was the last thought I had about any 1000th post planning, and it turns out that if I didn’t plan at all (that’s what I do best!), a Mite Be Funny cartoon was still the 1000th post. And what a Mite Be Funny cartoon … topical for Earth Day, multi-panel to prolong your laughgasm, wryly humorous as always, and chock full o’ big words! I nailed it! If you could only see me now, feet up, arms crossed, smug look on my face, head nodding knowingly, snifter of brandy in hand which is spilling all over since my arms are crossed. Geez, that’s going to leave a stain. But my smugositude will be short-lived. Why, you ask?

Because I’m running out of ideas for mite-based cartoons! Come Saturday night into the wee hours of Sunday norming, I may be rummaging through my “side-splitting humor ideas” box to see what I have left. Do you really want to see the finished Mite Be Funny cartoon I have about scabs?

mite class & dignity

Exactly Mite, thank you. Although I will be on the road this weekend where I write some of my best stuff (OK, so open to debate that any of this blog could be considered above mediocre, let alone “best”), I will have my wife and youngest child in the car with me which could keep my creative juices from fully flowing. The last time we took a road trip together and I tried to get my creative juices flowing, my wife warned me that I would have to clean them up. It is a leased vehicle.

So I better get to scraping the bottom of the barrel and see if I can cobble together a Mite Be Funny #65 for this Sunday. What’s that you say? Don’t worry about it? Not a big deal? Well, of course it is a big effen’ deal. I want to honor your Sunday morning routine of pouring yourself a morning coffee and eagerly reaching for your phone to share the latest Mite Be Funny with a loved one.


And when you get to Mite #2 with the punchline, watch out loved one  …

coffee spittake