I Feel Guilty

I feel guilty about not blogging on Saturday. It wouldn’t have been too difficult. It never is, as reflected by the normal quality of my blog posts. But I had a reason …

I wrote, but for my book. Wow, pretty selfish, huh? I dropped down on paper about 2000 words this weekend. That’s not bad progress for me. Once I sort out the food stains that I have mistaken for words, random obscenities, gibberish and unnecessary adjectives and adverbs, I may come away from this weekend with 500 or so book-worthy words.

But for you, the loyal follower of this blog (or are you really a treasonous traitor actively searching for a meaningful blog that could add value to your life?), all you got was an arguably lame Mite Be Funny  on Sunday. By the way, next Sunday will be the one year anniversary of the first Mite Be Funny, so look for a special multi-panel Mite Be Funny next week. At this time, I have no idea what it will be, but probably a reminder to loyal Mite Be Funny fans that the cartoon has become more about my stubbornness than it is about humor.

My goal is to reach 100 Mite Be Funny cartoons. After 57 of them, the cartoon is running on fumes now. How much more can two dust mites that eat our dead skin flakes say to each other?

Mite Not Much

Says you Mite #1. I guess we’ll just see over the course of the next year.